Ep. 27 – The Sauce Boss: with Charlie Marquardt


Happy 2019 all!

We’re back with a brand-new episode. This week’s guest is Charlie Marquardt, a Haverford grad and former DIII star who burst onto the national scene last year with some memorable performances in the mile, most notably shattering the sub-4 barrier with a 3:55 at the 2018 Sir Walter Miler. Charlie is still unsponsored, working full time and running for Bryn Mawr Running Company, and we really get into the ins and outs of that blue collar training lifestyle, from everything from morning runs to overnight bus trips. We also covered some of our best trail runs, “gimmick” track meets, and an epic Twitter exchange where we sorted every food you can imagine into its proper category of sauce, dip, or condiment. The day after recording, Charlie opened up his indoor season with a 3:59 at BU’s Terrier Invitational.

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