Ep. 30 – Facts Only: with Brian Shrader


Our guest for this week’s episode is Brian Shrader of Saucony’s Freedom Track Club. Brian, a Boston transplant and Arizona native who ran for Oregon and NAU, is a super accomplished distance runner (13:29 5k) and steeplechaser (8:29) who also recently announced himself as one of the country’s top marathoners by running 2:13 in his debut last year at CIM. He’s running the Boston Marathon next Monday and will definitely be one of the elites to watch, and he came on the podcast this past weekend to run his mouth after his last long run of the buildup.

Brian came on the podcast alongside his teammates and returning guests, James Randon and Helen Schlachtenhaufen. Although we do talk a bit about his Boston prep, we also covered the time he got pulled over by the police while riding his bike, why all his teammates thought he hated Boston, and why he stays off social media. You’ll definitely enjoy this episode you should definitely be cheering for Brian on Monday.

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