Ep. 33 – Grandma’s: with Project OTQ


This week we have our biggest episode yet – literally in that we have 7 guests on mic to talk about Grandma’s Marathon. Grandma’s is one of the fastest marathons in the US, held in Minneapolis in June, and we put together a big team of Tracksmith runners in an attempt to get Olympic trials qualifiers.

About the runners:

Jeff Seelaus (2:17:08): An Amherst College grad and Philadelphia native, Jeff qualified for his first Olympic Trials at Grandma’s with a big 4-minute PR.

Louis Serafini (2:21:34): Louis is the coach of all the women in this episode and an accomplished runner in his own right. He qualified for the 2020 trials with a half marathon this spring.

Gabi Drummond (2:49:15): In her first “official” marathon, Gabi was on qualifying pace through 20 miles before hitting a rough last 10k. Gabi is also a Johns Hopkins grad and PhD student at MIT, so she’s the brains of the operation.

Jess Petersen (2:51:26): A Reebook employee and Syracuse University grad, Jess ran her second ever marathon and PRed after a three-year break.

Alexandra Conway (2:54:13): Alexandra is a Brown University grad and recent Tracksmith convert who notched her personal best at Grandma’s.

Kate Raphael (2:53:28): The youngest and most recent graduate, Kate is a Yale grad who tackled her first marathon only a year out of college and logged an impressive (if challenging at points) debut.

Ravenna Neville (DNF): A Wesleyan University grad, homeowner, and lawyer, Rav is an accomplished badass in many fields. Rav is the most experienced marathoner of the group, but a hamstring tweak sidelined her on the day of Grandma’s.

One word of advice about this episode – it may be a little hard to tell who is talking and when if you’re not familiar with everyone’s voices. Just roll with it – the stories themselves are what make the episode so funny, interesting, and even inspiring.

Listen here:

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