Ep. 34 – Fast Girl Summer: with Elle Purrier


This episode’s guest is Elle Purrier, a Vermont native and runner for New Balance who has rapidly become one of the best middle distance runners in the country since graduating from the University of New Hampshire last year. Elle was an NCAA champion in the mile and 11-time All American who is currently one of only two Americans to achieve the 2020 Olympic standard in two events, the 1500 and the 5k.

Elle and our cohost, her teammate Lianne Farber, are set to run USAs this week, but first they stopped in to chat about surviving the Boston heat wave, driving in the city, and the best way to prepare coffee. Plus, since Elle grew up on a dairy farm, we get her expert opinion on all things dairy-related.

Make sure you wish them (and all our other guests and friends) luck this weekend and cheer them on as they do big things on the track this summer! And don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and like RYM wherever you can find us. Enjoy!

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