Ep. 39 – Hot Takes: with Cole Rockhold


Welcome to Run Your Mouth, and I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy at home during these crazy times. Our guest this week is Cole Rockhold, a 13:35 5k runner, graduate of Colorado State University and newly-signed runner to the BAA. This week’s episode was actually recorded quite a while ago in January, but for various reasons we weren’t able to get it out until now. It should be noted that the podcast was recorded long before coronavirus came to the U.S., hence why you won’t hear us talking about that, and also before Cole had gotten surgery for compartment syndrome, so if you’re following his journey you’ll notice that we talk about his injury but not about the work he’s had done since then.

Cole and cohost Pat Gregory got personal and deep on with our takes on Twitter discourse and the “hot take culture” we live in, but we also covered a lot of fun topics like eggnog miles and the Newlywed game. Enjoy the episode, like, follow, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, and be well out there.

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