Ep. 42 – Nap Queen: with Molly Seidel and Izzy Seidel

SnapseedOur guests this week are Molly and Izzy Seidel, sisters, runners, and roommates who came on the podcast remotely to talk about training together, napping separately, and how to run your slowest mile. Molly is a Saucony runner and graduate of Notre Dame who most recently made headlines by qualifying for the 2021 Olympics in her first-ever marathon. Izzy is a teammate of mine on Tracksmith Hare AC and a graduate of Northwestern University, and both women are Wisconsin natives who now live and train in Boston.

This week’s episode was actually recorded a couple months ago, but we chose not to release it as initially scheduled out of respect for the work being done by the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests over George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths. We’re releasing it now in advance of this weekend’s MVMNT race series, where Molly will be racing for the first time since the Trials.

The race is raising money for Good Sports, a nonprofit in Massachusetts that expands access to sports and outdoor activities for children in low-income communities. You can stream the race live on the Citius Mag Instagram tomorrow evening, streamed and announced by yours truly, and learn more below:



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