Ep. 44 – Buckeye Boys: with District TC

This week we’re joined by three members of District Track Club, the professional group based in Washington D.C. and northern Virginia. Willy Fink is a 13:17 5k runner and graduate of Eastern Michigan University and Jacob Dumford is a 3:59 miler and graduate of Notre Dame, and they brought along their coach, Tom Brumlik, as well. The idea for this podcast came about when Willy recently pointed out on social media that there is an impressive crop of elite milers from the state of Ohio, with 10 active runners who’ve run under 4 minutes in the mile. All three of these guys have deep Ohio roots and strong Ohio pride, so of course we got right into discussing why Ohio may or may not be “the Mile State.”

After a healthy debate on the state’s mile prowess, we also covered which Midwest stereotypes are right and which are wrong and a whole list of other things including training during COVID, the ups and downs of steeplechase, and Jacob running 4:00.00. We recorded this episode remotely from four different locations, so the audio is a little fuzzy at parts, but overall it turned out fine. Hope you enjoy the episode and please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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