Ep. 48 – The Comeback Kid: with Mick Iacofano

Our second Marathon Project guest this week is Mick Iacofano, an Ohio native and graduate of the University of Kentucky who competes with the Idaho Distance Project out of Boise and this weekend made a big splash by finishing 7th at the Marathon Project in a four-minute personal best of 2:09:55.

Mick spoke candidly about his long and bumpy journey with the marathon, beginning with a frustrating end to his college career and full of significant setbacks despite his promise at longer distances. We also talked about the surprise of running an “accidental” sub-2:10 and how Mick managed to exceed even his own highest expectations.

Alongside co-hosts and Kentucky alumi Gabe Harm and Zack Beavin, we also covered beer miles, bartending, and making mistakes in college alongside all the standard Run Your Mouth content. This revealing and, frankly, inspirational episode is full of great moments and we hope you enjoy this before your holiday!

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