Ep. 78 – Queen of Boston with Nell Rojas

This week’s episode is another great crossover with Chris Chavez and the CITIUS MAG podcast, where we talked to Nell Rojas who just finished as the top American in last week’s Boston Marathon for the second year in a row. This year, she lowered her personal best to 2:25:57 with her 10th-place finish, and we unpacked Nell’s training leading up to race day, how the race played out on the course, and even Nell’s unconventional path to the marathon in the first place.

We also talked about Nell’s decision to end her contract with adidas before Boston and why she chose to run in shoes that worked for her with no brand affiliation. I was particularly touched to hear Nell talk about the role representation has played in her running and the messages she receives from people all over the world who enjoy cheering on a prominent Latina runner.

This was a great episode that covered everything from Nell’s coaching career to her post-race bar adventure, and I think it was a lot of fun. This episode of Run Your Mouth was brought to you by Hayward Magic in advance of this year’s World Championships in Eugene, and you can learn more at citiusmag.com/summerofhayward.

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