Ep. 91 – CIM Champ with Paige Stoner

This week’s guest is Paige Stoner, the newly-crowned U.S. Marathon Champ with her 2:26:02 course record victory at the California International Marathon earlier this month. Paige is a truly versatile runner who was an All-American in track and cross-country at Syracuse University, ran her debut marathon at 24 years old, and has found success in the steeplechase, the 10k, and everything in between.

We talked about her exciting year that included getting married, moving from Virginia to Flagstaff, and self-coaching her way to a marathon personal best. We also covered wedding celebrations, uphill tempo runs, the best running Christmas gifts, and much more. Enjoy the episode as you get your winter running done or wrap your holiday presents!

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On racing many distances and surfaces:

“In college I bounced around […] I always enjoyed variety and keeping things fresh. I didn’t think I would get into marathoning as early as I did, but when there were no races going on in 2020, that opportunity popped up and got me excited and motivated.”

On looking forward to her future on the roads:

“Winning my first U.S. title showed that I belong in the marathon, but I’m not naïve about what it takes. I’m taking steps forward and I’m ready to compete against the top women, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

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