Run Your Mouth began in January 2018 with a simple idea: That runners in the Boston community and around the country have stories to share, and that we could share them in a fun and unique way. There are many excellent running podcasts already out there that employ a standard interview format: tell us your origin story, walk us through your training, recap your last race. And yet, no one had quite managed to capture the true heart of running culture: the silly arguments, witty banter, and deep philosophical tangents that only come up when you’re on a long run with good friends. Hence, our concept was born: long-run talk for long-talking runners.

Host David Melly and a rotating cast of entertaining co-hosts sit down with some of the brightest and most interesting figures in the running scene, often over coffee or beer, to get into the weeds on wide-ranging topics, often connected to running culture but sometimes completely unrelated. Each episode ends with a game tailored specifically to our guest, and we close by asking our guests the “Big Three” questions: 1. Who or what is your Instagram crush? 2. What is your go-to karaoke song? 3. What is your death row meal?

We began with weekly Friday morning recordings at the Tracksmith Trackhouse in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, just steps from the finish line of the marathon, as a collaboration with our friends at Tracksmith and Hearth Baking Co., which had a morning pop-up in the store throughout the winter and spring. We’ve since loosened our schedule a bit and even traveled to everywhere from Philadelphia to Portland to record “road episodes.” New episodes are still coming out on a bi-weekly basis, and we’re always looking for new and diverse guests to come on for some good ol’ fashioned long-run talk.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy our little show!